Shipping & Delivery

If you're local to Indy, come shop at one of our ZIPS locations.  We have a variety of patterns available. 

ZIPS Clearwater ➡️ 5025 E. 82nd Street, Suite 300

ZIPS Greenbriar ➡️ 8553 Ditch Road

ZIPS Fishers ➡️ 9719 E. 116th Street, Suite 410

If you're local to Indy and buying 10 or more face masks, we'll deliver them to you for free.  If you're buying less than 10, we can deliver them to you for a $7 delivery fee.  

We'll also ship nationwide! 2-3 days. 
Up to 4 masks: $4 for shipping
Up to 50 masks: $8 for shipping
50+ masks: $16 for shipping


ZIPS Delivery Truck